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Hello! My name is Kisha Love Lee Alston. I am the sole owner of Onyx Urban Media Group LLC, originally named Purpose Productions which started in 2012. I am a published & award winning photographer & producer. I am also the host, director & producer of a web interview show called Purpose TV, the owner, program director & music director for Onyx Urban Radio and the Edito-In-Chief, publisher, writer/interviewer, production manager and graphic designer for Onxy Urban Magazine.

I started behind the camera at age 17 & fell in love immediately. I've gone on to work in television & radio such as WCTV67, WPOL The Light, Armunda Hancock Inspirational TV & BET until I was inspired to start my own company & Purpose Productions was born.

After a year of starting Purpose Productions, which focused on videography & editing, I started Purpose Photography. In 2017 I won Photographer Of The Year at the Featured Highlight Awards, in 2018 won Producer Of The Year at the Featured Highlights Awards & am now a published photographer.


​In 2020, she was offered a radio show which I named Sensual Seductions for an internet radio station and 4 months later the station went on hiatus which crushed me. In searching for a new home for her radio show I decided to start my own internet radio station named Onyx Urban Radio, a station that caters to the black community where you can listen to music from Indie Artists and Podcasts. 




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Onyx Urban Radio

Kisha Love Lee Alston - Owner

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