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Onyx Urban Radio Disclaimer

Because we here at Onyx Urban Radio ONLY play and are dedicated to independent artists who have given us permission to play their amazing music on our station, and refuse to play commercial music, we are not affiliated with BMI, ASCAP or any other licensing agency. We want any indie artists, whether registered with these companies or not, to have a chance for the world to hear their music. Artists, please be aware of this when submitting your music to the station. If you have submitted music to the station and you are not ok with this, we completely understand. Please inbox us at and we will remove your song(s) from our station immediately.


We believe in freedom of speech and prefer that only those who love indie music listen to our station, not a monitoring company that may one day put restrictions on what can be played or said here. We are 100% on the side of the indie artist and our podcasters to be able to exercise their right to full freedom of speech and expression.

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